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Portland State University Farmer’s Market

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Farmer's market, Portland State University PSU, heirloom tomatoOne of the many things we’re blessed with in Portland is a bounty of farmer’s markets. There are so many, in fact, that there’s a website dedicated to the different ones held around the city. We had some unusually hot weather for this late in the season this past week, so I knew if I was going to do anything on Saturday (the high was 96), I needed to get it done early. That’s why I decided to go and check-out the Portland State University’s farmer’s market.

As many of you know, I moonlight as a college counselor, so this visit would be Farm fresh eggs, Portland State University PSU farmer's marketbeneficial two-fold. I’ve often had my kids look-up PSU as a possible college option, however cautioning them that it’s a city campus so they might not have the same collegeĀ  sensation that they would elsewhere. That advice is only sort of true. The college is actually very campusy, and the farmer’s market is held there each Saturday from March through December in the south park blocks.

I hopped on the streetcar and took it directly to the campus. It was so easy and I’m now kicking myself for not having done this sooner. After all, I only have a few months before this market will go into hibernation for awhile. When that happens, where am I going to get the farm fresh eggs I bought? Or the habanero cherry jelly? Or the gorgeous cherry habanero pepper jelly, Portland State University PSU, farmer's marketyellow heirloom tomato? Not to mention all the sampling I got to do. That was one of my favorite parts. I ate herbs de provence havarti, a variety of charcuterie, red pear, and the freshest goat cheese I’ve ever tasted. It reminded me of my 4-H days when we’d make goat’s milk ice cream in the pens at the fairgrounds.

What are your favorite farmer’s market finds? Brady and I are headed back next weekend so I can show him this not-so-hidden gem in our new home town. With wine tasting, food tasting, and the food carts there to eat from (I finally got to taste Pine State Biscuits), I have a feeling this will become a fall staple rain or shine.

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