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On the Menu this Week, Weekly Menu PlanningFor awhile now, I’ve been posting our daily menus on Facebook. And to decent fanfare. People seem to love reading what’s gracing our tables each night, so much so, that I’ve been asked by more than a few people to turn this into a weekly blog post. So, without further ado, I’ll be posting “On the Menu this Week” every Monday.

Fall is probably my favorite season for cooking, so I’m glad to be starting this now. As the summer bounty tapers off, it’s replaced by heartier fruits and vegetables that can withstand the elements. One-pot meals are totally de rigeur, and it’s okay for dinner to be a pot of soup with crusty bread. It’s cooler out, so you don’t feel like you’re baking in the kitchen alongside your food. It’s the perfect time to nestle into the kitchen and experiment away.

I should mention this: we don’t eat-in every night, so you may find some holes in the weekly calendar that you have to fill yourself. Personally, I’ve found that by being organized and knowing what we’re doing each week food-wise, we save a lot of money from not impulsively going out to eat. We also save money because our trips to the grocery store are more focused. When you can overlap ingredients from recipe to recipe, you’ll save. Trust me: that whole buying in bigger quantities thing is not without merit.

While I do sometimes make-up recipes, most of what I cook is adapted from my Rachel Ray, Dave Lieberman, Dorie Greenspan, and Betty Crocker cookbooks. I also follow quite a few food blogs, so recipes will often originate from the web too. The recipes are generally simple and don’t require the use of obscure ingredients. If you feel intimidated and would like to follow along from the books, send me a message and I’ll tell you the exact titles so you can buy them. I’ll do my best to post links to the recipes (if available) with each menu.

I hope you enjoy this, and have fun getting more acquainted with your kitchen. As this is a new project, any feedback (for better or worse) is appreciated. Thanks for following along!

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