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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

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Versatile Blogger Logo for Culinary HopscotchDid you hear the news? Culinary Hopscotch was given The Versatile Blogger award by Ukate! Her write-up about my blog was really too kind, and I’m ecstatic to formally accept the award. It’s kind of like a chain letter where I’ll get the chance to pay the award forward to another group of blogs, so if you’d like to nominate your own or a favorite blog you read, please leave a comment on this post with a link. I’ll be giving out my awards in November.

Per her instructions, in order to accept the award, I’m to dish seven random factoids about myself. Things that you wouldn’t otherwise read on the blog. This should be fun! So sit back and enjoy a little atypical slice of Culinary Hopscotch this week.


1. I do not eat white condiments. No mayonnaise, ranch dressing, sour cream, cream cheese, or anything else that’s white and falls within the condiment family. Go ahead, toss one my way…it’s everyone’s favorite┬ápastime, and chances are, I won’t eat it.

2. My name is Kyle because my father insisted I was going to be a boy. My mother fought with him until she didn’t feel like it anymore, and they decided I would be Kyle either way. Ironically, I have younger twin brothers.

3. I hate black toilet seats and will do whatever I can to avoid them at all costs. Rumor has it that I dislodged one from a toilet at a pub near Cambridge when I studied abroad. I can neither confirm nor deny this rumor.

4. I learned French in high school, and still have a rather unusual command of the language. I’ve also spent time post-college studying German. I love languages and probably should have majored in one or the other.

5. I was on ABC’s The Bachelor when it was filmed in Paris during 2005. Travis Storke was the suitor, and now, he is one of the characters on the talk show The Doctors. I barely talked to him during the taping, but remain friends with a bunch of the girls from the show. It’s like a post-college sorority!

6. I play Fantasy Football and my boyfriend does not. He laments Sundays because I sit around with beer and yell at the TV…all…day…long.

7. Said boyfriend and I have three pets: a Newfoundland named Henri, and two cats named Tom and Brady. My boyfriend’s name is Brady and his father’s name is Tom, which as you can imagine, leads to some hysterical looks from people when they meet the cats for the first time.


Thank you again to UKate for the kind nod for Culinary Hopscotch. I really appreciate it, and of course, I will get her the recipes from my Indian cooking class in London.