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Can’t Get Enough Portland

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Foodie Walking Tour in Portland, MaineI’ve been trapped in New York for nearly three weeks now. You may think “trapped” is a little dramatic, but being on reserve with an airline feels a little like Riker’s Island. It’s partially my fault because I arranged my schedule so that I can be home longer later this month. But doing that has meant long blocks of reserve days with only a few orphan days off in between.

Today, I rolled the dice and went to a Mets game despite being on home reserve. Home reserve is exactly what it sounds like; keep your phone close in case they call. “Mets reserve” was a lot more fun, and fortunately, they didn’t interrupt my baseball game. That little gamble also made me realize that I need to take advantage of my geographic location on my next day off.

So, next Monday, I’m headed to Portland, Maine! I’ve secured a foodie walking tour of the charming seaside enclave, and I think it will be the perfect distraction from not being able to be in the other Portland, 3,186 miles away. Strangely enough, about a month ago, I was in both Portlands the same day. I don’t think many people can claim that!

Look for an upcoming post about my one-day, culinary adventure on the mean cobblestone streets of Maine’s largest city.

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