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Culinary Hopscotch Continues!

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I cannot wait for June. I just can’t. Not only are we heading to Capri to see our good friends tie the knot, but we will also be spending some time in London. 

It’s an amazing city…a favorite in fact. And despite the stereotypes about the food, I’m planning to take some cooking classes while I’m there. 

Keep your eye on the blog for the latest and greatest!

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  1. anyone who says the food in london sucks, isnt spending enough £££, or isnt hanging out with me. fortunately for you, you'll be in good hands. cant wait to see u xxx

  2. Hi – Saw your blog listed on Chef Andrea Consoli's page – we took a cooking class from him last October, it was great fun. I have loved reading about your culinary adventures – oh to be young again! I hope you keep going…and how about posting some recipes? xo, Nan

  3. Thanks for your note, Pots and Pins! I'm so glad you found my blog on Chef Consoli's page. Too cool! I'm actually leaving on another trip today, so there will be more to read about in a few weeks. Stay tuned! And thanks for the suggestion about recipes. Will do!


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