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Barcelona’s Boqueria Market

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Despite having already discussed Barcelona, I decided Boqueria Market deserved it’s own post. And since I’m the boss of this blog, that’s what I’m doing.
Why, oh why, can’t we have markets like this in America? Why? Boqueria Market makes our farmers markets look like men selling oranges at a dirt junction on the side of the road. They literally had everything here. From gorgeous dried peppers that would make your eyes weep from their beauty (and presumably heat), to candies, nuts, fish, meats, and the most beautiful fruit I’ve ever seen. 

Upon entry, my eyes went straight to a clear, plastic cup of a grass green liquid dotted with dark seeds. It was fresh-squeezed kiwi juice. And it cost €1 ($1.36). I can only imagine how refreshing that juice would have been in the heat of a Barcelona summer. And I wished I had more time there so I could take home some of the bounty and create a feast.

It was fun to take a quick spin around the indoor market, and peruse the different stalls. Sure, a lot of them were slinging the same things, but I’m sure the patrons have their favorites they go back to over and over again. Listen up, Obama…while you’re tackling this health care issue, have Michelle work on instating markets like Boqueria around the country. If people saw what this market had to offer, they’d never eat KFC again.

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  1. I'm glad you finally had time to go to the Boqueria market 😉 It's a "must visit place" in Barcelona! Also, you were very smart to buy the 1€ juices (at the entrance door they usually sell the same ones for 3€!!!). I hope you're having a great time in Southern Spain! A big hug from Barcelona (sunny again)!Rosie

  2. Thanks Rosie! The market was so cool, and I'm glad we got a good deal on the juice. It was sooo good! Southern Spain is great, but the weather sucks. It's rained the entire time I've been here. I wish I was in sunny Barca for a bike ride. Miss you guys! ~ Kyle


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